Lyrical Lists – Imprint

Sometimes I am lucky to see a band perform live and ask them for an interview, other times I am trolling the internet to see what acts are promoting themselves on the music pages.  The next band I am presenting to you guys is one that I found one late night of trolling.  Imprint is full on, in your face rock and roll.  These guys brought out the inner-metal head in me.  I listened to 3 songs and sent an email to the band.  I had to know more about them and hopefully share them with my readers.  Well lucky for you and me, these guys were happy to talk to me about the band, their music, and the future of Imprint.

Imprint is from Alcoa, TN and have been together since the Spring of 2003.  The band is made up of Lones Lynn with killer lead vocals, Heath Devine shredding the electric guitar, Allen Burnete killing it on bass, Doug Jones smashing it up on drums, and Chris Gaumond adding more spicy flare to electric guitar.  The band is comprised of guys that were playing in other bands and were all looking for that “special sound” they were not getting in other bands.  Once the band members found each other, the sound and their ideas just meshed well.  The band told me that they had a song written within the first hour that they were together.  After that, the band was able to push out a song a week for the first month and half.  They were able to add Chris into the current line-up of the band.  They told me that “Chris filled a hole” and added the flare.  Allen, on bass, is the newest member of the band and at the time of our interview was getting ready to play his first live show with Imprint.

Imprint plays all originals at their shows and the crowds are growing.  “Of course, you always want more”, the band told me.  Imprint really enjoys the crowd and their response while they are on stage playing.  They are seeing 100% crowd participation and they are “Digging It”.  They have shows coming up outside of the Knoxville area to show that they are not just your average Knoxville band.

I asked Imprint if they are seeing a need or a missing hole for the rock sound.  They told me that they “want to be true to themselves”.  “Rock and Roll is about putting your heart and soul into a song.”   Imprint doesn’t want to be the band that is “doing what everyone else is doing”.  The influences of the band are all over the map including Iron Maiden, Dio, Dokken, The Ramones, and several punk rock bands.  That is what Imprint feels makes their sound so unique to the band.  Doug told me that he plays the drums like he hates them but knows that you don’t always have to play a 100 beats a minute to provide a quality sound.  They are providing the listeners an option and it is an option that I am glad to have!

One thing that impressed me about the band the most is that as you get into the heavier metal type of music, you get a distorted sound and the lyrics are very hard to understand.  Imprint has clear and concise lyrics that are easy to hear and understand.  I was able to start singing along to the songs after a few days.  The band told me that was exactly what they like to hear.  They said, “We look forward to the day when they hear the crowds over their vocals”.  It has happened once in a different band and they said it makes you play harder and it is the biggest rush ever.  They attribute that to the punk influences like The Ramones.

I love that they are not a musician’s band.  They define themselves finding a riff and just going off on that.  They don’t need to play 1 million beats a minute to be “in your face Rock and Roll”.  That lead into a conversation about the song writing process.  “Every song has a story and it is my job to that story to life”, Lones told me.  The song writing is truly collaborative.  One member may have a beat or a guitar riff down and lyrics come around that or lyrics come in and the music shapes around the lyrics.  Some songs come together really quickly and “you are not sure where that came from”.

Imprint is in the process of getting their EP together and have 9-10 songs that are ready for CD.  When you are listening to the music on ReverbNation, you will now hear more flavor with Chris’ guitar and are even more full.  Of course I had to ask about my favorite song, “A Prayer For the Hopeless”.  The song means different things to different people but was originally written to show that change starts from within and to change the world you have to look at yourself.  Imprint jokingly told me that it was their “Man in the Mirror”.  I would also like to mention that “Lucy’s Song” and “Monsters Like Us” are on heavy rotation on my playlist but there isn’t a band song that I can find.  Be sure to check the ReverbNation link to hear and appreciate Imprint.

Coming up for the year the band wants to get release a new CD, new merchandise, and more shows.  Imprint is looking to grow as a band and not just be known as your “local band”.  Taking steps to being in front of as many people as possible is the focus for the Imprint and I am hoping that is a reality that happens soon.  They have a great charity show coming up soon.  If you are interested in seeing them in Knoxville, you can attend Hydrocephalus Awareness Rock Concert (HARC 2015),Saturday, May 16 at 8:00pm,Open Chord Brewhouse & Stage in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The band will also be in Ashville, NC in June.  You can get a full schedule on the ReverbNation link I have listed below.  Maybe, just maybe, we can get these guys here in my hometown in Georgia.

Imprint on Facebook:

Imprint on ReverbNation:


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