Lyrical Lists-Chasing December’s New CD

I am doing my first CD review on Chasing December’s new Self-Titled CD.  I always give every band that I review a 3 song rule.  If you cannot draw me in by 3 songs, we probably are a good fit.  I have to say that there are more than 3 songs on this CD that drew me in.  I also like a CD of any genre to be one that I can play from start to finish, as well as finding myself singing the lyrics.  This one met that criteria as well.  I am actually crazy about 4-5 songs on the 8 song CD.  If you are looking to fill the void of good alternative rock, this is a CD you should check out.  I can hear influences of Candlebox, Live, maybe a sprinkling of Goo Goo Dolls and Smashing Pumpkins throughout the CD.

On the track “New Orleans” you can hear possible influences of Dave Matthews and Blues Travelers.  “New Orleans” is a great song, cleverly written to give you the feeling of being in New Orleans.  The lyrics, “When I woke up I was kind of in a daze, from all the people dancing around on this hot summer day.” sums up any visit to New Orleans.

Track 3, “Lead The Way” is another great song on this CD.  “I share the union of last confusion” is a lyric that stood out to me this track.  It again is another well written song with great music that you find yourself wanted to hit repeat on.

Now I am going to highlight my 2 favorite songs on the entire CD.  I was listening to the CD and singing along, but when these 2 songs came on, they caught my attention the most.  I am not taking away from the rest of the CD, but Tracks 6 and 8 are the ones I find myself singing around the house the most.  I will admit that I have played these 2 a little more than I have the rest of the CDs but these are 2 great songs that should have air play today.  In a world that is searching for “where is the good alternative rock songs”, I have found some for you.

Track 6 is titled “Left Your Heart at the Door”.  This is your slower song on the CD.  It grabs you in with the first line.  “You left your heart at the door, as it was you gave me no more.” It then continues with “”Now I’ve found that hole in your chest, and this love was laid to rest.”  My ears perked up and I immediately sent the band a text to tell them how much I loved that song.  It is so well written and the music fits so well.  I have to say that it filled a gap in the music I have been missing.

The last track of the song, “Little Things”, is the most personal song on this CD in my opinion.  It has such great lyrics that I feel anyone could relate to at any time.  “I’ve got a story to tell, about my personal hell” sets the tone of the song.  By the time you hit the chorus, you will be nodding your head in understanding.  I personally love the lines ” Cause it’s the little things, that keep me coming around” and “I don’t say what I think, I’d rather sing it out loud”.

Now this is just my humble opinion and interpretation of the songs I have listened heard from Chasing December.  I guess I should have a clever rating system, so I will give this CD 4 out of 5 bars of music.  I think that if you are a fan of alternative rock and you are looking for a missing sound that you aren’t finding on mainstream radio, you will enjoy this CD.  I look forward to more music from Chasing December. Well done guys!


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