Lyrical Lists-Joe Yeoman

Joe Yeoman is a country artist that is making a new sound to fill in the empty market for the fans of the 1990’s country music.  It isn’t a retro sound but a sound strongly influenced by the 90’s country era.  Joe told me that a lot of the country music out today is more the “tailgate and tan-lines” music geared for the 18-25 year old market but there has not been a lot of music recorded for those in the 30 years and older market.  He sees this need and is filling it with great music.  His debut album “Those Were The Days” will be released soon but some tracks can be heard on stations like 94.9 The Bull and 92.5 The Bear now.

Joe told me he was influenced by Garth Brooks and Travis Tritt.  He wants his music to sound new but a feel of the 90’s throw back.  Joe said he wants to record “lasting music that is not a fad like some of these newer artists that are recording “Bro-Country”.  Joe also added that “no one is putting out music to folks our age on terrestrial radio and to find the music we grew up on, we have to go to XM and/or pick and choose our music.”  He did say that “there is a place for every style and no one should be left out in the cold.”

This 34 year singer/songwriter from Griffin, GA is still working a 50 hour week, but is a weekend warrior for his music.  He has scaled back some of his shows to work on and finish the upcoming album.  He is the sole writer of his music at this time.  He is working hard to be a full-time performer by the end of the year.  Joe told me that he is most interested in putting out “good product that the listener can relate to the lyrics”.  Joe wants to be the type of artist that you want to see the stage show but understands that while his original music is still being released that he will have to do covers to draw the audience in.

Joe told me that “country music is about real life” and when he writes songs he writes about all topics.  He writes about anything from love to loss, family, church, and even the struggles of surviving daily life.  Joe has been writing since he was 12 years old, learning on a guitar that his grandfather gave him and wrote his first song at 14 years old.  I don’t think he has stopped since.  He has been playing all over the south and the backup band is a rotation of talented musicians he enjoys working with.

I have listened to Joe Yeoman’s music and I recommend “All I really Need (To Party)”, “Those Were The Days”, and “Where You Can Go”.  Joe Yeoman is writing about real life and getting the crowd up and going.  You can hear the influences in Joe’s music but to me Joe Yeoman sounds like Joe Yeoman.  Please click on the links below to Joe Yeoman’s Facebook Page, Website, and links to music.

All I Really Need (To Party):


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