Lyrical Lists Featuring Savannah Leighton

It isn’t everyday when you can be directly involved with someone who has all the makings of the next big thing but I can say that I did. I can tell you the exact moment that I first heard the voice that I truly feel should be recording music right now. I had my back turned to the stage at The Voice of Rome, I heard the music to “Wrecking Ball”, and had the shock of my life when I turned around.  Savannah Leighton, who was 13 when I met her, blew me away.  I had chill bumps, I was excited,I begged her to be on my team.  Savannah went on to be the runner-up but in my book she finished first place and is first class.

Savannah began singing at age 2 with her grandfather.  They sang in church together and she learned to be the performer she is today.  By the time she was 7, she was able to sing at church alone.  Savannah has gone on to learn how to play the piano and guitar.  She started writing songs at age 8 and now at 14, she is writing full songs with mature lyrics and great music.

This 8th grader is the constant professional.  As part of her being part of The Voice of Rome, she sang at Rome River Jam in front of thousands of people.  She can add to her list, at age 14, that she has been the opening act for Cole Swindell and Jon Pardi.  Savannah told me that being on the stage at River Jam was the greatest experience of her life, next to being on #TeamLayla at The Voice of Rome.  She can even brag that Cole Swindell told her she was a bad a** singer, which she is!

Savannah also won a contest at Songbird Recording Studios where the prize was recording a professional CD. Savannah told me today that she “wants to finish her CD soon and maybe send it to Nashville”.  She has plans when she turns 15 to audition of the real, television show The Voice.  She is hoping to have Adam Levine’s chair turn because she thinks she is more in the genre of his music.  She also added that it “wouldn’t be as awesome as being on #TeamLayla”.  (Somehow I think she isn’t telling me the truth. I mean #TeamLayla or #TeamAdam? I even pick #TeamAdam over me.)  Savannah has also sang for The Floyd County Republican Party at the Reagan Day dinner, where she left the keynote speaker, Col. Alan West, speechless.  When Savannah performed for the Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, she said that she enjoyed being on the stage and singing for all the attendees of the event.  Another sign that Savannah is serious about pursuing her dreams, she performed at the Centre, Alabama Fall Festival, on her 14th birthday, before she had her own birthday party.  She told me that it felt comfortable singing there because that is where she grew up.  She was a little embarrassed that the Mayor of Centre told everyone that it was her birthday.

So, when you are 14, in the 8th grade a Spring Garden Middle School, and singing for all these people, who do you like?  Savannah told me that she likes Demi Lovato.  Savannah told me that she just “loves her powerful lyrics” and she “wants to be that kind of singer”.  Theresa, Savannah’s mother, likes for her to sing country music, but Savannah wants to be a pop star.

Savannah Leighton is a name I want you all to remember because she has “it”.  She has brought me to tears with her music, she has made me smile with her music, and she has made me excited about music.  Isn’t that what music is all about?  Savannah has a YouTube channel where she posts her performances and her mother posts on Facebook all kinds of performances.  I am linking the YouTube Channel and a few of my favorite performances of hers, including her latest original song about the loss of her cousin John. (Grab a Kleenex on this one!) I promise you that we will be buying tickets to the Savannah Leighton Tour soon. (#TeamLayla should get at least one free ticket.) This girl has the stuff stars are made of and I am a huge fan.  I should end with full disclosure that I grew to love Savannah during the process of The Voice of Rome and I have grown to love her entire family.  I think that she is AMAZING and I am sure that you will too.  Please let her know what you think by commenting on this post and her YouTube Channel.  I hope you enjoy the links I have shared as well!

Original Song by Savannah Leighton:

The Voice of Rome:

MissSavannahJo (YouTube Channel):


2 thoughts on “Lyrical Lists Featuring Savannah Leighton

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  2. Chonda Vess

    Such a rare find. A sweet girl with a true gift from GOD. Savannah….. we love you to the moon and stars and will support you in ALL that you do. With your Mom (Theresa) and Step Dad (Paul) and the love you have for GOD and family. You do have IT. YOUR FAMILY COULDN’T BE MORE PROUD. LOVE YOU.



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