Lyrical Lists featuring Bryan Flemister and SouLFed

How do you limit your blog to a few hundred words after solving all the music industries problems in a 2 hour conversation? Can you say “potential sequel”?  I spent over 2 hours discussing genres, radio play, why this one is not making it, and just our general love of music.  Eventually we did get down to Bryan Flemister and his band with friend Matt Conaway, SouLFed.

I met Bryan when I judged the Voice of Rome at the Brewhouse Music and Grill. He sang “Radioactive” for his audition and I knew I needed that voice on my team.  Bryan has one of the smoothest voices I have ever heard but has an edge that is hard to ignore. I can’t imagine a song that he couldn’t sing with ease and perfection.  Week after week, during The Voice of Rome, he would play Johnny Cash, Prince, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and even sprinkle in covers like “Waterfalls” amongst others that blew my mind.  Bryan began to play orginals that were so well written and composed, I believe I said out loud “These songs are better than what I am hearing on the radio now! (In case you didn’t know, Bryan finished in the Top4.)

I talked to Bryan for a couple of hours Monday night and a common theme kept coming around, the changes of the industry and the way some treat other within the industry.  Bryan seems to be out in front of the way people can have access to his music by using methods of self promotion on social media  and  YouTube as well as using to have SouLFed’s music avaiable to the listener for fee they want to pay.  The Demo that is up on SouLFed’s Band Camp site was recorded in about 4 hours at the Austin School for Music in Austin, Texas.  My two personal favorites are “Defeat Me” and “It’s All Good”.  These songs are not in a genre, wrapped in a neat bow, but deserve to have serious radio play.  I think that our local stations should do more to get these local talents serious radio play.

It is a shame to limit SouLFed to one genre.  I hear in many of their songs a fusion of Jazz/R&B with a hint of Southern Rock and a sprinkle of Jam Band and Country folk.  I would challenge you to find a song on the SouLFed demo that you didn’t like.  I play a lot of these songs on a daily basis.  SouLFed is a band with such undeniable talent and a sound that I can only call “The SouLFed Sound”.  The deep lyrical sound can be fully showcased in the song “It’s All Good”  It has an intro that has the Pearl Jam styling but the edgy/smooth vocals of Bryan and kicking bass of Matt Conaway.  One of my favorite lines in “It’s All Good” has to be:

“Get to the point, that’s what I’m going to do./ Cry tears of joy when I tell you we are through”

Bryan and I talked about the local music scene and we both agree that the talent in Rome is amazing.  Bryan enjoys jamming with other musicians and bouncing ideas off each other to help improve the craft.  He is a true fan of our local scene.

To give my stamp of approval to SouLFed, would be an understatement.  I hope our local stations start giving some air play to SouLFed and other musicians for more than an one hour on once week show.

SouLFed is band that you should be going out to hear in Rome on a Thursday at Mellow Mushroom at 9:30pm or Johnny Pizza.

Links to SouLFed:

Thanks for reading and tell your friends.


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